3. waking up first

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looks like that here just now (:This is something that hasn’t been happening for me lately since, other than today, I seem to need to sleep all the time. It’s a bit mad when my mother always comes home to find me asleep or close to it.

Being the first person awake is something I used to love when I was younger, because it was a combination of complete freedom and playing at being a secret agent (the latter because I didn’t want to wake up everyone else).

I’ve always been one who’s goes to sleep late and therefore often wakes late, like many people I know. I think the sheer surprise of managing to wake up was part of the joy I got out of this, and it was probably this sense of achievement that led to me rewarding myself.

I wasn’t forced into eating horrible food when I was younger but we did eat healthily, so the chance so choose whatever I wanted for breakfast was greatly appreciated. This led to me scavenging around the kitchen to find sweets, crisps, chocolate, juice and a satsuma.  The satsuma was necessary because all that unhealthiness would clearly put me into a coma… and the word almost sounds like sumo, so they’re cool (:

After grabbing all the grub, it was through to the lounge to turn on the TV oh-so-quietly and eat and delight in this crazy little tradition. Little did I know that my peace was short-live; I would soon get told off for eating rubbish for breakfast and I’d be pretty tired later. However, those little moments were the kind that stay with you, despite their triviality, so I just thought I’d share.

Nowadays my sleeping habits are too awful to even hope to get up on time for things, but remembering this makes waking up that bit more worthwhile. I hope I’ll get to do it again – may be you should try it?

God bless x

P.S. the spellchecker has some seriously odd suggestions for satsuma…


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2. Aeroplane meals

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Ah, that most delicious of cuisines. That smell that drifts down the cramped walkway while you sit there with stale recycled air blasting around you; a smell that is mysterious and strange but still manages to set my tummy rumbling. Even the thought of it is causing a few gurgles.

It may not seem the most likely of things to obsess over, those wacky all-in-one meals that only cheap flight companies and dodgy Japanese greasy spoons will sell you. But for me, there’s something about those trays of piping hot something and crackers that I love.

Om nom nom

I think part of it must be the element of danger. Although now you can often order your food, I’m sure it used to be a case of ‘you get what you’re given’. On a flight to Greece for a family holiday this led to having a stew and some kind of salty spaghetti or noodles which, to this day, I’m sure was one of the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted. The only problem is that since I was 6 at the time I’m lacking the clear recollection which is kind of necessary for me to rediscover it. Ach weel – I’ll just have to keep experimenting until I find it, or die from food poisoning.

Of course there is also a psychological element (there always seems to be). I reckon simply being on a plane makes me much more happy and open simply because of where I’m headed – on holiday! Who can resist the charm of the holiday spirit? It’s the thing that makes the small disasters more bearable, and probably the thing that makes children sleep after a day of excitement.

However, I know for many people this food isn’t a joy for them. Something which especially made me realise was a certain complaint letter to Virgin airlines, which you have to read if you haven’t already:


So I guess it’s for the best that the food seems to be changing. It’s just a shame that it’s losing that mad streak that made the experience of eating while flying a bit more exciting (: God bless x

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1. sparkling winters

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I couldn’t wait to do my first actual post so I thought I might as well use the inspiration while I’ve got it (: I’ve decided to start posting things that make me smile despite how common or simple they are.

view from my house (:

This first attempt is about something that has pleased me for as long as I can remember. My birthday is in October, so although I’m no massive fan of Halloween I get rather excited because of how beautiful autumn can be here in Scotland, and because we’re moving into winter.

I appreciate winter so much for several reasons. For me, Christmas is amazing because it’s something everyone I know loves and enjoys, and so far I’ve not had to go through the financial trauma it can inflict in so many people.

Something else about winter is the light dusting of sparkle many things seem to get which, probably due to my long obsession with fairies, makes me indescribably happy. The iridescence  of things with are often mundane or even ugly – pavements, cars, trees, graffiti – gives them a bit of magic that allows me to wonder still about fairy tales.

I have memories of going out to the Christingle service at our local church, a tradition which much of the town takes part in by getting their children to decorate an orange and singing some carols. It is always held on Christmas Eve, which is a bad enough time as far as hyper children are concerned. My own hyperactivity was only increased by the carol singing, songs which have a profound effect on me after having being in choirs for a long time – I’m sure I was almost unbearable for my parents to control.

Now I find it hard to get so excited, which is a blessing for those around me. However, I still gain deep happiness from the sparkles (:

I just hope that you can appreciate this too (: God bless

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crash and burn

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Okay, the whole blog thing didn’t reeeally happen for me. So, I’m changing it – I’m going to do an easy, weekly thing, hopefully posting every Thursday. I’m writing this down partially just to make myself do it, because I’m going to have to be stern with myself – honestly, 3 posts in over 6 months? C’est pathétique!

(If you can’t work out what that says then never mind your French – your English is in dire need of some straightening up)

So my wish for today is: this blog will be like a little phoenix, managing to grow out of the ashes of what’s happened so far. If anyone is reading this, then do come back. Changes of the good sort WILL be occuring.

Right now all I can think about is my bed and I’m pretty sure I just got a bit of tunnel vision, so no offence to your perfume but I shall skedaddle (: God bless x

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my new hero?

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yup, I think so. can someone steal him for me? (:

honestly, what a cool kid.

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“In a dark place, I imagined something I could not believe in. When I looked again, it was still there” – Unknown

Okay, is it just me, or does that really freak you out? The first sentence is probably what everyone does when they manage to scare themselves (it’s just that some people actually do believe it), but when I start thinking about the second sentence I get goosebumps. Honestly.

Although I’m not normally easily scared. When I was younger I loved loved LOVED telling ghost stories just to creep people out. I recently got into horror films too – watched The Exorcist, looved it; Paranormal activity, really enjoyed that. I had one hand shaking at the end of it (: But I think I manage to deal with these things because I’m cynical – and not superstitious. Ghosts are not an issue for Miss Hannah Miller.

The thing that’s really scary is our imaginations. Certain people’s more than other’s. The people out there who have basically no original thought… well they’re not gonna get as scared, since they can’t imagine other things to make it worse. But the people who come up with the concepts for these crazy 18-rated films, it’s them that I’m worried about. I mean, come on, who would think of these things? I dunno. Honestly, I just felt the need to get that ramble off my chest. So sorry if you read this and you’re thinking “What’s your point Hannah?” I’ll just have to disappoint you. But rest assured that I’ll be able to sleep tonight, because even if my mind is creative, I won’t believe what I create. It’s only if it’s still there when I check again….


ANEEway, have a good day/night, wherever you are, and ehh… may God protect you (;

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Inspiration is a funny thing. In some cases it takes a lot to get me inspired, when at other times I feel like I’m about to explode with it. Regardless though, I rarely use it properly.

The thing that got me inspired this time was watching some videos on youtube of vloggers, in a way. Well, it actually just made me want to start a vlog, but I felt like that was cheating considering I hadn’t even managed a proper blog yet \:. If you’ve watched these videos though (I started with ‘charlieissocoollike’) does it not make you wonder how you would fare under the scrutiny of the webcam? Once you start thinking about that you realise that there is a lot more to it than just going with the flow – or there is in the good videos anyway.

I just wish I could control my inspiration more. I’m supposed to write essays for English (my exam being in 5 weeks or something – scary!) but it never really
flooowws… any tips for how to get myself a bit more fired up?
Ach weel, for now it’s past wee Hannah’s bed time and I’ve still got to tidy the house after having some of my beautiful friends over to enjoy a smidgen of sunshine ❤
God bless (:

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Well, this is new for me. NEW new – I’ve never had a blog, ever, before. I guess in a way you could compare it to a diary? But without the pressure of writing everyday, which has always been the hardest part for me. As well as this I’ve just rebooted my passion for Twitter (I believe it’s http://www.twitter.com/Hannah0Mairi), which was probably not such a good plan since I managed to get pretty attached to it last time. Oh well.

So I’m looking forward to seeing how I manage this, whether I manage at all to make my way through the murky depths of the internet and end up with something at least decent. We’ll see. For now, I have to get off my laptop and do some work – my chemistry exam won’t pass itself!

In the meantime (if anyone reads this – unlikely!) I think you should listen to the Bach cello suites. They’re my current music for all occasions (:

God bless

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